2019 Trends For Animated Movies

There’s one thing for sure, animated movies have come a long way since the days of Steamboat Willie , although in

fact the art of animation has even more ancient origins than that. The concept of putting a series of consecutive images together is a very old one. Some early

examples date back 5000 years – an ancient bowl has been found depicting a sequence of images showing a goal biting a leaf from a tree. These days, however, animation

is a cutting-edge artform, offering movie makers a captivating and engaging way to provide information and tell stories.

Every generation has its own animation style – we need only compare the 1930s style of Disney’s Snow White with more modern animated movies like Pixar’s Toy Story to see the change that has taken place over the years. But with the latest developments in animation

technology, more changes are occurring all the time. So, what trends does 2019 have in store for animated movies?

A 3D Vintage And Retro Style

3D animated movies have been around for the best part of a decade in movie theaters, but ironically, in an attempt to look more unique and fresh, 3D animators today

are looking increasingly to styles of artwork from the past to gain their inspiration. Gouache has been a popular style – a water-based form of painting from the 1960s

which used heavily colored layers with dry brushing. Retrofuturism has also reared its head again, using science fiction aesthetics which reflect the ideas of people

during the 1970s and 80s about what the future could be like. Lush light effects together with pixelated digital elements are creating today’s characters and places

which combine the best of sci-fi and retro.

Animation With High Contrast Cels

Another trend in animation which is rising to the fore more and more today is the use of high contrast cel animation. Top animation companies like Cartoon Network,

Disney and Nickelodeon have adopted this style, drawn by the use of contrasting, vibrant colors paired with angular designs with the result that the finished product

has a simple, cel-style look. This is a style which has been particularly associated with Japanese anime, and it works well for great action thanks to the lively, fun sequences that this style of animation can produce.

3D and 2D Together

Another animation trend which is set to hit the heights this year is the idea of creating animations which combine 3D and 2D styles together. By adding a 2D look to 3D

objects, animators can make illustrative and expressive elements which attract the attention of the viewer while still delivering its message in a colorful and clear



A new animation trend which is harnessing the power of computer generated imagery is that of hyper-surrealism. This style combines elements which are photo-realistic

with imagery which is entirely fantastical. The result is a dreamlike action sequence with a whimsical feel. This animation style allows animators to free their

imagination and allow their creativity to run loose.

A Resurge Of 2D

Finally, another trend which has returned to popularity for 2019 is a return to 2D style animation. Interestingly, 2D animation was pushed to the back burner after the

arrival of 3D movies. However, it never really went away. While for the last few years companies have focused their attentions on 3D work due to a somewhat mistaken

belief that it is the best way to captivate the audience, 2019 looks set to see a return to the traditional two-dimensional artform. Simple, yet attention-grabbing 2D

video style is becoming increasing popular and is likely to be seen more and more over the course of the coming year.

The Popularity Of Animated Movies

Whichever way you look at it, animated movies aren’t going anywhere. And they aren’t just for kids. More animators are now creating animated content specifically aimed

at an adult audience. There’s something about this type of movie-making that captures the attention of an audience in a way unlike any other film-making form. As the

potential of this artform grows and thrives, we will see new styles developing and a return to the styles of the past. One thing is for certain – there’s nothing quite

like an animated movie!